The Project

Whether you call it long-form or literary journalism, narrative or creative nonfiction, it’s universally described as damn good writing.

The goal of this site is to collect the best examples of this form of journalism — written in Philadelphia by Philadelphia writers — in one place.

We’re looking for in-depth pieces that are, at a minimum, 1,000 words in length. However, we’ll also take narratives — tales with a beginning, middle and end that are draped in theme and consist of characters who are chasing or are at-odds with a universal truth  — that in fewer words complete a full story arc (think Steve Lopez).

We’ll occasionally include a good story written about Philadelphia or one of its characters by a non-city writer, but the goal is to highlight the work of current Philadelphia-area journalists and writers, and of course, our alumni.

We encourage readers to submit suggestions, and for writers to submit their work:

At its heart this site is a community that celebrates well-written, well-researched and in-depth Philadelphia stories.

Yous got a problem with that?