Almost Justice

by longformphilly

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Mike Newall | Philadelphia Inquirer | June 2013

Monday, she had written.

A date. His first in Philadelphia.


That’s what Beau Zabel said when he was excited.

And Beau Zabel was beyond excited. He had been in Philadelphia 42 days and he was swooning in the newness. Like big-boy summer camp.

None of it felt real yet.

The Italian Market rowhouse with his roommate, Meg Guerreiro, and Kismet, her Maltese Yorkie. His soon-to-start student teaching program. His daily explorations with his Not for Tourists Guide to Philadelphia. Sometimes 50 blocks through Center City. Sometimes with Kismet. Always with his iPod, comedy podcasts loaded.

He was far from Austin.

Writer bio: Mike Newall, a native New Yorker (forgive him), is a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer. He wrote for the two alt-weeklies, as well as Philadelphia Magazine, for six years before joining the Inquirer’s South Jersey desk in 2010.

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